Consultation Meeting


Every design project starts with a consultation regarding the product. While this also can act as a standalone service, it’s important to start the design process with a discussion about the product, how it works, and whether or not it can work. Our team is more than capable of helping you through the hurdles in design and coming up with unique solutions to make your product viable.

Design Process


In the course of your full design, we will be undergoing many iterations to ensure that we perfect every detail. We will start with preliminary designs, which will comprise of multiple base concepts for starting the design. After deciding on a root concept, we will begin the development process, using 3D rendering and 3D printing to test as we progress. In each rendition, we will focus on maximizing the appearance, durability, and user experience with your product.

Patenting Assistance


In the process of product development, it is common to protect your ideas with a patent. When patenting is within the scope of the project, we will handle the illustrations for the patent filing in addition to connecting you with a patent lawyer who is qualified in the field of your product. Once your patent is submitted you can comfortably begin marketing your product.