Products and Services

Aerospace Design Consulting

Our aerospace engineering team is experienced in designing and creating aircraft components and testing equipment for all early technology readiness levels. We can help accelerate the development of your components through rapidly iterative design and prototyping. Using backgrounds in research and manufacturing we can maximize the efficiency of the process and minimize our turnaround time on deliverables.


For examples of our consulting services and the designs to come out of them, please visit our past work page. We are proud to be one of the few aerospace design companies in the Chicago area, and to be working with other Chicago businesses to offer our full service.

Custom Fluid Control Design and Manufacturing

We are equipped with modern 3D printers capable of extremely high resolution part manufacturing, enabling the design, prototyping, and manufacturing of simple to advanced valves and other fluid control devices. We are also capable of designing or pairing the best electronics to fit the component, your needs, and your budget.


Aerospace Laboratory Wind Tunnel and Testing Equipment Design

With a number of industry partners, we offer services in the design of testing equipment for aerospace laboratories and research facilities. These include support apparatuses for force and moment balances, planar thrust measurement stands, rotating arm stings for force and torque measurement, etc. These components are all custom designed, so for any specific capabilities feel free to inquire with details about your project here.


For larger facilities, we also can assist in the design and construction of wind tunnels. These capabilities again are job specific, and we are more than happy to detail our capabilities if you give a small overview of the tunnel you are working on or with, and what your goals are for flow characteristics.